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Not your typical directional company!

Radar Directional Services, co-founded by Ben Davis and Jeff Bull, is a company dedicated to offering tailored solutions for all your drilling projects. Whether you require basic directional drilling services or have more complex needs, we have the expertise and tools to assist you in optimizing drilling performance.

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With a team of knowledgeable and dedicated professionals, we work tirelessly to deliver the highest quality services and solutions. Let us show you the difference a customer-focused approach can make with your next project.


We build long-term partnerships by performing quality, precise work with unparalleled integrity and continued dedication.


We take the time to understand your needs and develop personalized solutions for your project.

How It Works

Our Approch


Data-Driven Optimization

We leverage our extensive experience and analyze historical and current drilling data to ensure the most efficient drilling process.


Cutting-Edge Equipment

We have a diverse arsenal of top-tier equipment including, Mud Motors, Measurement While Drilling (MWD) systems, and Rotary Steerable systems (RSS) sourced from a variety of reliable vendors to ensure our clients have access to the latest technology.


Personalized Service

We prioritize offering personalized service at a fair price. Your project's success is our primary concern, and we take the time to understand your unique needs.


Innovation and Collaboration

We encourage innovation and welcome your ideas for improving drilling performance. We believe in thinking outside the box and working collaboratively to find the best solutions for your project.


Client-Centered Approach

Whether you're a small operator embarking on your first horizontal well or a large operator seeking to enhance efficiency on a multi-pad project, we're committed to assisting you. We'll explain all available options and work closely with you to achieve your project's goals.


Open Communication

We are always available to provide assistance and information, even if you decide not to use our services. Our team of experts are here to support you in any way we can! Feel free to reach out to us for assistance and let our experts help make your drilling project a success.

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Why Choose Us

We Make Things Happen

  • We listen to you - We start with listening to you to better understand your specific project goals.
  • We make a plan- Our team gathers area-specific information about the geology and drilling challenges of your application to determine the optimal solution.
  • We get to work- Once the project is awarded, we drive to exceed operational expectations, mitigating any issues in real time along the way and keep you informed.
  • We share our expertise- Our team will present comprehensive offset analyses and recommend solutions aimed at delivering optimal performance.
  • We continually enhance performance- To help you drill better wells, our operations and applications engineering teams provide frequent performance reviews and discuss feedback to improve performance.

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