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Directional Drilling

Directional drilling is the foundation of Radar Directional Services. We understand the complex nature of directional drilling and can navigate within tight drilling windows and stay on plan. Got a complex geo-steering project and using one of the big company’s LWD tools? We can also work together with other service providers to help you achieve your goals. Whether drilling with a conventional mud motor or rotary steerable system, we can help you stay in-zone while working closely with your geo-steering team.

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Mud Motors

We offer a wide range of drilling motors ranging from 4.75” to 9.625”. Our motors are sourced from select reliable vendors that offer a wide range of configurations and built for the areas in which they are used.

Measurements While Drilling (MWD)-

  • Pulse - Reliable, tried and true option with Inclination, Azimuth, and Gamma Ray measurements
  • EM - Same measurements as our pulse MWD with Higher data rates and virtually unlimited LCM tolerance
  • Azimuthal Gamma Ray (AGR) - Real time and recorded mode
  • Resistivity - Real time for well placement
  • High Temp Tools - Up to 175° for areas with higher bottom hole temperature
  • EM Downhole Antenna - Antenna lowered into a nearby well that improves EM signal allowing for EM signal for virtually any TVD. Allows for all of the benefits of EM in areas that typically restrict EM data transmissions.
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Rotary Steerable Systems (RSS)

We offer several RSS options ranging from 4.75”-9.00” to fit your needs

Benefits of RSS include:

  • Precision and Directional Control
    • Vertical- Maintains constant inclination <0.5°
    • Tangent- Holds and maintains precise angle without sliding
    • Curve- Allows multi section drilling in a single run in many formations
    • Lateral- Smoother wellbore with and reduced tortuosity in extended laterals
  • Reduced Drilling Time
    • RSS eliminates sliding allowing for increased steady ROP
  • Improved Drilling Efficiency
    • RSS tools stable drilling rate reduces the risk of costly issues such as stuck pipe, wellbore instability, and downhole tool failures
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Well Planning and Engineering

  • Anti-Collision
  • BHA Design and optimization
  • Torque and Drag Analysis
  • Post well drilling analysis
  • End of Well (EOW) reports
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